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The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is devoted to preserving and displaying aviation and space history and technology. The Museum’s Collections are prized treasures and many items are irreplaceable.

We actively collect historic material to complement our educational mission. The Museum displays almost 100 aviation and space vehicles, preserves over 13,000 small objects (classified as anything smaller than aircraft), and cares for almost 5,000 books, periodicals, and technical manuals. The Museum’s Hughes Archives, all documentation relating to the construction and fabrication of the Spruce Goose, contains over 1 million pieces of paper ranging from drawings to reports to photographs.

As a Smithsonian Affiliate Institution, we strive to meet the accreditation standards of the American Alliance of Museums. The Museum adheres to a Board-approved collections management policy that spells out the management of our collections, in order to ensure adequate responsibility for their safety, proper care and appropriate use.

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