Flight Simulator Ride

"The Gosling," the Museum's new MaxFlight Corporation FS-VC Dual System flight simulator, offers guests a high-flying experience without leaving the ground!

This premier simulator attraction, which holds either one or two riders, employs MaxFlight's patented full motion, 360 degree pitch, roll and spin technology that immerses riders in a realistic virtual flight scenario. Riders choose from three different ride options: Combat Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator, and Virtual Rollercoaster: 

  • Combat Flight Simulator option: Aircraft starts in flight—object is to find and destroy enemy using on-screen radar.
  • Flight Simulator option: Aircraft starts on runway-pilot must take off (landing is optional). Experience flight performance from a variety of aircraft.
  • Virtual Rollercoaster option: Thrill level – Extreme! Rider experiences a preprogrammed virtual rollercoaster with various turns, loops, drops and climbs.

Cost: Guests have the option to add a flight simulator experience with admission to the Museum, for an additional $8. Museum Members receive discounted simulator admission at $6. 

Restrictions: There is a height requirement; children at least 42 inches tall may ride, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children 48 inches tall may ride solo. Maximum 2 people for a total weight not to exceed 500 lbs. The simulator ride is not recommended for guests with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Back, neck or bone injury
  • Recent surgery or illness
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart trouble

Name the Sim Contest! Thank you for your creative name submissions—the winning name is "The Gosling," submitted by Bev G. of Vancouver, Washington! Bev receives a year-long membership to the Museum, and two tickets to ride the Gosling! Congratulations Bev!


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